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Ministry of the Interior

Political Office

Date: 9/7/1323 [1 October 1944]

Number: M/1029/5262


Confidential and very urgent


National Police Force Headquarters,


In confirmation of the receipt of your confidential communication number 15699 [dated: 9/6/1323 (31 August 1944)], please avoid issuing any comprehensive directives to the police force in Gorgan.  If there are possibilities for conflict, you must be vigilant to prevent any kind of clashes.  With those Baha’is not employed by the government, you may consult in private and advise [them] to temporarily leave Gorgan for the sake of safeguarding peace. In this situation, they may decide themselves if they want to travel to a different city temporarily.  In regards to the branch manager of Melli Bank, Mr. Nabili, we have written to the Melli Bank’s headquarters in Tehran to immediately transfer him to a different branch.  Should there exist other [Baha’i] employees in the government or related departments who may inflame the issue and make efforts to promote the Baha’i Faith, immediately transfer them to other branches, through their appropriate ministries.  In any case, the police force in Gorgan must take serious action to safeguard security so that incidents are prevented.  Please inform us of ongoing events.


Ministry of the Interior