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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Tuesday 13 Mordad 1360 [4 August 1981]

[Number:] 16492

Page: 2


New Regulations for Sending Foreign Currencies for University Students

New regulations pertaining to the transfer of foreign currencies, with appropriate “academic [special] exchange rates” for Iranian students studying abroad, has been announced by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

Accordingly, instructions issued on this subject by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, and signed by Dr. Arefi, the Minister of Culture and Higher Education, in which student foreign currencies are not available to Iranian students studying abroad, are specified.

The full text of the new regulations for sending currencies pertaining to academic exchange rates is as follows:

Regulations for currencies pertaining to academic exchange rates

Introduction: All educational certificates issued by the authorities in the countries in which students are studying must be approved by the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Authorization for receiving currencies with academic exchange rates will be based on the issued certificate. Issuance of the certificates for such currencies is subject to the procurement, completion, and sending of the application form for student currencies, to the National Students Affairs Organization.

(Individuals who are not entitled to receiving academic [special] exchange rate currencies)

…7- Students who are not follower of one of the official religions of the country.