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In the Name of God

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology


Institute of Higher Education

Ghiasuddin Jamshid Kashani

(Non-governmental - Non-profit)


Number: 95/2914

Date: 8 Khordad 1395 [28 May 2016]

Enclosure: -----


Deprived of Education

According to a letter dated 29 Ordibehesht 1395 [18 May 2016] regarding the ban on Baha’i students, you, Mr. Faraz Karin Kani Sisan, an undergraduate civil engineering student, admitted in 1394 [2015/2016], have been barred from continuing your studies by the Institute’s security office. Please refer to the education department as soon as possible to settle the account.

Asadollah Asraei

President of the Institute

[Stamp of the institute with signature]



1. The institution’s Security Office, for information

2. Public Conscription Organization to cancel the academic exemption