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Islamic Republic of Iran Justice Administration




Court Order

Court:  -----------

Court Order Number:  86/4/130300

Case Reference:  A.H. 86–282–3

Administrative Centre:  General Court of Law of Abadeh, Branch 1

Plaintiff:  Tahereh Bahrami, daughter of Fereidoun:  Isfahan; [address]


Claim:  Decree of heirship

Procedure:  The plaintiff has made an appeal against the defendant, and subsequent to a review of the case, and seeking divine confirmation, the following decision was rendered.


Court Order


With regard to the appeal of Mrs. Tahereh Bahrami, daughter of Fereidoun, requesting issuance of decree of heirship for the deceased, Fereidoun, birth certificate number [redacted], born in 1279 [1900], the court, in consideration of the contents of the case, due to the deceased being identified as a Baha’i, and according to decreet investigations of the applicant being known to be a member of the Baha’i sect, and as Bahaism is not one of the recognized religions in constitutional law of the Islamic Republic of Iran and as issuance of heirship decree for Baha’i individuals would be considered a form of recognizing Bahaism, which is against constitutional law, established laws, and the common order; therefore, the request of the aforementioned is not qualified to be investigated in the courts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mohammad Shabani

The Judge of the General Court of Law of Abadeh, Branch 1