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In the Name of God


The following individuals are to introduce themselves by the date 20/6/1362 [11 September 1983] to the Primary Division of Human Resources Restructuring Office in room 538, Iranian Customs Building. A default judgment will be issued in the event of non-attendance.

1- Aziz Mansourian, son of Esmail

2- Nourolddin Manavi, son of Majdolddin

3- Ezatollah Hemmat, son of Yadollah

4- Roshan Farahbakhsh Aghabalai, son of Hassan

5- Ehsanollah Kasiri Arabi, son of Valiollah

6- Ehsanollah Vojdani, son of Fatollah

7- Nosratollah Asadnejad Ghobadlou, son of Khanlar

8- Mrs. Malahat Tahsini, daughter of Mohammad

9- Mrs. Manijeh Ziba Halat, daughter of Ghodratollah

Personnel Head Office- Iranian Customs


[Handwritten note date at the margin of the page]

Dated 22/6/1362 [13 September 1983], published in [newspaper:] Kayhan