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[National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran]


[Date:] 11 Azamat 104, 5 Khordad 1326 [27 May 1947]

[Number:] 795


Honourable Ashraf[1] Ghavamol-Saltaneh, Prime Minister,


Wit utmost respect we convey [the following]:


For some time now, under the attention of the esteemed authorities, especially the exceptional personage of Your Honour, Ashraf, whose high aspiration is and has always been directed towards the welfare and comfort of all Iranians, regardless of their belief and religion, the Baha’is of Iran have been protected, to some degree, from the antagonism and aggression of the fanatics and of ill-intentioned [segments of society]. Whenever some [action was taken against the Baha’is] somewhere,  [the Baha’is] having sought the help of the appropriate authorities, riot and revolt were prevented, and if the responsible authorities did neglect their duties, orders issued from above compelled them to obey.  Indeed, for this we are very grateful to the person of Honourable Ashraf.


However, recently we observe that under the guise of strengthening and supporting Islam, groups are formed by leaders whose goals and activities are aimed at provoking the people against the Baha’is.  The reason behind this is that influential clerics have stated that the Baha’i Faith contrary to Islam and they claim that the Baha’i religion opposes Islam. According to them, fighting the Baha’is is an obligatory duty, and yet, as you and those others who are discerning and knowledgeable are well aware of the fact that the Baha’i religion confirms the validity of Islam and upholds the truth of His Holiness ‘The Comforter of Humanity’ [Muhammad]. The followers of this belief [The Baha’i Faith], have never engaged in the slightest opposition to the indisputable religion of Islam, and even in the Western countries, they strive to prove the truth of Islam to the followers of the Jewish and Christian faiths.


Nowadays in some cities, the signs of uprising and unrest against Baha’is are unfortunately becoming obvious and evident. If the respectable authorities do not act as they should to deter aggressors and troublemakers, thereby protecting civil order and upholding justice and, it is possible, God forbid, that disturbing events could occur in this Imperial country and a great many law-abiding and honest subjects who, live in this land [as Baha’is], will become victims of ill-intentioned and inciteful individuals. As an example, recently in Kerma, some influential people have organized a group under the name ‘Anjoman-e Dini’ and at every opportunity, they incite people either in writing or orally, to rise against Baha’is and day and night, urge and encourage them to oppose [the Baha’is].


Also in Arak, a group has been organized under the name ‘Jameyyat-e Mouslemin Athna-Ashari’ and has been officially introduced to the governmental offices. According to [that group], their aim is to combat beliefs that are in opposition to Islam. Every night this group incites the people and encourages them to be hostile towards the Baha’is. Under the guidance of this same group, influential and ill-intentioned people in Shahzand of Arak assaulted and abused [the Baha’is] and have made life so difficult for Baha’is that some of them have left their homes and those few that have remained are constantly subject to attack and mistreatment.


The same story is playing out in Doughabad of Khorasan. In every place, the behaviour of those opposing the Baha’i Faith is the same. Even in the Capital city, some of the newspapers such as Parcham-e Islam and Aeein-e Islam constantly publish offensive articles against Baha’is and insult their Holy Figures, and incite hostile feelings amongst the readership towards them [the Baha’is]. These individual [the offenders] are not mindful of the fact that such incidents are happening at the very time that the government of Iran has signed the [Human Rights] Charter of the United Nations whilst its Baha’is subjects — who are among the honest and peaceful subjects of the Imperial Government and hold the same rights before the law as any other citizen and from both the moral and ethical viewpoint this behaviour is embracing for the Iranians — have been oppressed and it bring shame and disgrace to the people of Iran in the sight of the whole world.


As submitted above, we beseech Your Honour Ashraf to issue clear and emphatic orders to the responsible authorities so that under the slogan “Protection of the Rights of the Iranians” those ill-intentioned people who always prefer the incitement and who choose their personal preferences over the good of society--such as those who are the subject of this anecdote “for the sake of a handkerchief, they burn Caesarea”[2]—may feel the full weight of the might and power of Authority and thereby prevented [from taking further action against the Baha’is].


With all our respect,

Ali-Akbar Furutan

Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran


[Stamp: The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, Year, 91 (1934)]


[Handwritten Note:] Bring to the attention of His Honour.


[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi].

[2] [This is about the story of a shop-boy who, without permission of the shop owner, gave one handkerchief to his beloved and to cover that act, burned down the whole market]