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[Ministry of the Interior]

Governor General of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari

Boroujen Governorate,


In the Name of God


Date: _____

Number: _____

Enclosure: ______


Oh ye Government Leaders! What have you thought? The swords we adorned your loins with and pulpits we entrusted to you, are not for blood-shedding people or usurping the gains of the poor and miserable

From the commands of Imam Ali to Malek-i-Ashtar


Distinguished Governorate of Boroujen


With respect, in response to your letter number ------with regard to a copy of the letter of ------- and others, I would like to inform you that the members mentioned belong to the perverse Baha’i sect.  The issue was discussed by the members during the general assembly meeting of -------, and based on the majority vote, it was decided that the names of the aforementioned members be removed from the membership list and their capital investment be returned to them.  The company eventually suggested to them that they recant their faith in front of the city’s Friday prayer imam, but they did not agree to recant their faith and receive their shares like other members.  Therefore, the company had no other choice but to return their capital investment to them, through a bank cheque, and inform you of the outcome.


Chief Executive of Boroujen Textile Trade Cooperatives


Haj Akbar Panahi


Copies were forwarded to inform Mr. ----- and others /A:

Mr. Sadat Sharif


The Governor of Boroujen


[The Signature]