[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: 10316

Private number: ------

Ledger number: 25



Office of the Prime Minister


Type of copy: Letter

Subject of copy: ------

Attachment: ------

Transcriber: ------


Date written: 21 Mehr 1316 [13 October 1937], Date of transcription: 24 Mehr 1316 [16 October 1937], Date recorded: 25 Mehr 1316 [17 October 1937]


The Ministry of the Interior,

A telegraph has been received from Tabriz signed with the names of Bagher, Fazlollah, Mozaffar and Seifollah, stating that as a result of a mistake made by Asghar Mohseni, they have been forced to move out of the Village of Seisan, and they have requested that [the order for] their exile be overturned. Please direct that we be informed of the nature of the matter and the situation. Respond to the aforementioned telegram.

The Prime Minister [signature]