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[Newspaper:] Parcham-e Eslam

[Date:] 9 Mehr 1326 [2 October 1947]

[Issue No.:] 72

[Page:] 1


Reason for a week off

Weakness of subscribers – Foreigners’ intervention

The day that we took the pen and started this sacred combat, though we were aware that our enemies were sitting in ambush, we relied on God and ignored the support of this one and that one …

…In a country where there are taverns on every corner, inviting the wayfarers [to walk] inside, in this region, where Islamic rites and ceremonies are opposed by everyone…if you do not support the religious publications, you will regret it at the end. My principal profession is practicing medicine and I earn my living by practicing the sacred medical profession.

As my religious duty, and [being] honoured by having a father who is one of the jurists of this nation, and because serving the clerical world is the source of our forefathers’ and ancestors’ pride, and for many centuries our family has been honoured to serve the Islamic world, I have stepped into this dangerous path. As I have mentioned several times and have reminded all, I have imitated the Christian physicians and experts of the American hospitals for rendering my insignificant service. The activities of the Baha’i physicians have prompted me, regardless of all the difficulties, to rise up to render this sacred service. [For the last] year and a half, from the date of the publication of Parcham-e Eslam [Newspaper] the darts of accusation have been flung against me from every side. Those who were against the publication of this newspaper inwardly said that by this means, he has in mind to become an advocate or a minister…

If you help Allah [God], He will help you and will make firm your steps [Sura 47, Verse 7]

Dr. Faghihi Shirazi