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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health


Date: 14/5/1361 [5August 1982]

Number 2627



Office of the Central Board of Directors of the Medical Council


In reference to letter number 1/3893, dated 26/4/61 [17 July 1982], regarding Dr. Hakimian and Dr. Habibi:


The honorable minister wrote the following at the bottom of the aforementioned letter:

“Esteemed brother Dr. Shaybani, the said physicians must finish the period of their [prescribed] work on daily wages without being employed, provided they commit to [refraining from engaging] in any deceptive or propaganda activities.  Later on, they are at liberty to work privately.  It is illegal to issue a license before the conclusion of [the prescribed] work period.”


Please instruct the conveyance of the message to Dr. Shaybani.


Hasan Bonakdar

Director of the Minister’s Office




[Handwritten note, number and date at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God


The said physician must be notified


18/7/1361 [9 August 1982]



[Faded marks of stamp]



16/5/1361 [7 August 1982]