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Special copy of the announcement of verdict to the accused

Form Number 1

In the Name of God

Verdict Number 34

Date: 2/4/1362 [23 June1983]

Primary Board for Restructuring Human Resources of Telecommunication of Isfahan Province

Type of Accusation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect


Procedures: The criminal file of: Mr Nosratollah Surname Khalighi; born in 1315 [1936]; Birth Certificate Number [redacted]; issued at Hamadan Organizational Post; retired [illegible] telegraph; employment history Technical Diploma; Place of employment Isfahan; holder of Employment ID Number [redacted] ;Married; was fully investigated and reviewed. Based on the available documents, the Council issued the following verdict, reached in its meeting of 2/4/1362 [23 June 1983]:

Verdict of the Board

According to the expert’s view--X--, statement of informed --X-- and available evidence on file, accusations against the accused are proven and are aligned with

1- Member of a perverse sect, following Paragraph 8 of Article 29

The Restructuring of Human Resources of Ministries and Governmental Institutions and government sanction [?]/8/1362[ [?] October 1983] pursuant to Paragraph 11 of Article 20 of the above noted laws, is accordingly condemned to [indefinite dismissal] from governmental posts.

This verdict, in accordance with Paragraph 46, is final and its execution is enforceable.

[illegible] from the date of the announcement of verdict and [illegible] the appeal can be brought to the Appeal Commission. --X--