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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

[illegible] Interrogation

[illegible] (Code - 151)

Private Farshid Safajou, son of Majid - dispatched [to front line] 67/8

Private and Confidential – To be opened personally

[stamp:] Confidential


According to [our] investigations, the above-mentioned private, who is a follower of the perverse Baha'i sect, is ranked as a sergeant.  As there is no evidence [or] documentation indicating that a notification of such promotion has been issued, please instruct that he be prevented from receiving the higher rank and to only identify as ‘private’[illegible]. In addition, and according to the issued instructions, the service/use of such personnel in our army quarters in areas where hygiene and [the issue of] uncleanliness [untouchable] are a concern (such as in kitchens) should be strictly avoided.  In the event that the above-named is serving in your headquarters, please instruct that he is immediately transferred and denied rank promotion, and inform this office of the results.



D.L. 92 - Armored [brigade] - Brigadier General Ali-Akbar Tavakoli

Deputy of the brigade - Brigadier General Majid [illegible]


1. F.T 4 P.M (Investigation) - for your information and action

2. Head of the army brigadier [sic] - re: letter number 711/07/2/32 dated 06/06/1368 [28 August 1989] – for information

3. Head of the army brigadier [sic] - re: letter number 711/07/2/34 dated 06/06/1368 [28 August 1989] – for information


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page:]

In the Name of God

For expeditious action. Furthermore, ascertain the order [illegible] the promotion of the above-mentioned [illegible] and respond on the exchange [illegible] from the headquarters

[handwritten note, number and date at the top of the page]


27/07/1368 [19 October 1989]