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31 Shahrivar 1358 [22 September 1979]


Engineer Bazargan, Prime Minister


Copy to Engineer Sabbaghian, Minister of the Interior

Copy to Mr. Sadr Haj Seyyed Javadi, Minister of Justice

Copy to Dr. Sadr, Minister of Commerce

Copy to Dr. Sami, Minister of Health

Copy to Engineer Katiraie, Minister of Development and Housing


With respect, pursuant to the previous telegrams and letters regarding the attack against and the destruction of the House of the Bab in Shiraz—which is sacred for His followers in over 102,000 localities around the world, and is considered a place of pilgrimage for Baha’is—by a number of opportunistic individuals from that area, with prior planning and arrangement of sufficient tools, while accompanied by local authorities, thus severely injuring the hearts of all Baha’is across the globe by this hideous cruelty, we now inform you of the following:

As you are fully aware, and the records clearly show, all of the sacred and historic buildings belonging to the Baha’is in Iran, as well as other assets of this community, are registered under the name of the Omana Special Corporation.  During the last few months, after a series of repeated attacks on the establishments of this community, the perpetrators took the papers, deeds, books, and documents with them, and in the name of protection, the relevant authorities took over those places, in addition to the Misaghieh Hospital, which also belongs to this community.  Now, we have come to witness that the authorities not only failed to protect [these buildings], but also remained indifferent as some of them were being destroyed and obliterated, and took no action whatsoever to prosecute and punish the perpetrators.  In addition to the aforementioned house, they destroyed the sacred places and centres of the Baha’i community in Arak, Abadeh, Sangesar, Ajabshir, Kerman, Najafabad, Yazd, and a few other localities.  They even intentionally desecrated the cemeteries. Unfortunately, no matter how much we appealed to the central and local authorities, no results were obtained. 

Although the members of this community, in order to protect the interests of the country and remain considerate of the reputation of the government, have endured these harsh acts with utmost patience and dignity, and hope that the situation is going to improve, now that the severity of these acts continues to increase day by day, and there is no reason for confiscation of these buildings, we cannot remain silent any longer, and we insistently beseech your highness to order the return of all of the properties and establishments to us, so that we can safeguard and protect them wisely and free from hypocrisy.  


With expressions of respect

From the Baha’i Community of Iran


Dr. Hosein Naji                        Manouher Ghaem-Maghami