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9/3/1360 [30 May 1981]

The esteemed Municipality of Zahedan


With due respect:

Owing to the large number of members of the Baha’i community of Zahedan, [you are] requested to render an order so that an adequate piece of land [will] be left at the disposal of this community to build a cemetery.

Also, as you are aware, the former site of the Baha’i cemetery of Zahedan had been assigned by the Municipal Council; but as it is located inside of the town, by the order [of the] Public Prosecutor’s Office, it [has been] handed [over] to the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

Supplicating confirmation,

Community of the Baha’is of Zahedan



In the Name of God

Your Excellency Ayatollah Ebad – Honourable Mr.  Molavi Abdolaziz

Salutations.  In view of the previous negotiations, and in case of any interest, and with your agreement, steps [are] to be taken to view [a place] within a kilometer’s distance from the cemetery.

Mayor Bajouri


9/3/1360 [30 May 1981]


The distance must be more than one kilometer; [increase it to] at least four kilometers [illegible]

Molavi Abdolaziz


[handwritten note, number and date on top margin of the page]


10/3/1360 [31 May 1981]

[handwritten note in the bottom margin of the page]

Mr. Anvar Rakhshani [illegible]

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