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Tehran – Assembly of Experts


Grand Ayatollah Haji Seyyed Abdol-Hosein Dastgheib (May his blessings be perpetuated)

Respectfully, we inform you that in the morning of Friday 18 Aban 1358 [9 November 1979], once again, a group of people of unknown allegiance attacked the house of His Holiness the Bab, situated in Shiraz’s Shamshirgarha Lane, for the second time. This premeditated attack with previously prepared demolition equipment, was to demolish and destroy the remains of a structure so precious and honoured not just by the Baha’i community of Iran, but by all the Baha’is of the world, who reside in more than 102,000 localities around the globe, and who consider it hallowed and sacrosanct.

As it would seem unlikely that the destruction of this house was committed by perpetrators who profess to belong to the Holy Faith of Islam and follow the teachings of the Messenger of God [Mohammad] (peace and blessings of God be upon Him), we request that you order an urgent investigation and issue an injunction for immediate cessation of this demolition, thereby earning the gratitude of the worldwide Baha’i community.

With respect and thanks

From the Baha’i Community of Shiraz

Esfandiar Roshan

Zia Khalokhi