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8/1/1358 [28 March 1979]


The Baha’is of Rafsanjan have lived in this city for over one hundred years.  We were born from Shia Muslim fathers and mothers and believe in the mission of the Seal of the Prophets [Muhammad] and the Imams (peace be upon them), the leaders of the people. We have always been obedient to the laws of the land with utmost sincerity and have served the community. According to our religious beliefs, have never interfered in political parties or affairs, and we are not connected with any government or foreign country.

In the past, we have been subjected to various deprivations, discrimination, and dangers to our life and belongings. These days, we witness that certain newspapers and media are hurling a variety of false accusations and slanders upon this community that stir the sentiments of uninformed and naive people, and could create great dangers against the Baha’is. With great hope, we request from the regime of Islamic justice at the dawn of its beginning to issue just orders that would avert these potential dangers; so that [the Baha’i] people, who comprise one of the large minorities of Iran, would be able to live under the protection of justice and the law, and be protected from assault and persecution and be able to continue their service to humanity and efforts to raise the name of the sacred country of Iran.

After God, there is no hope [for justice] imaginable for this community except from the authorities in charge. With our hope placed in the high ideals of the esteemed leader of the country, his highness, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, may God spread his shadow, and in the respected government authorities, we request that you issue inviolable orders so that this minority is enabled to attain to equal rights with other people in the country.


With expressions of respect from the Baha’i Community of Rafsanjan


Mohammad Fallah,                   Mohammad Hodaie


[Copy to:]

Mr. Prime Minister

Mr. Minister of Interior

Supreme Revolutionary Council

Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Rafsanjan