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16 Aban 1358 [7 November 1979]


The Honourable Governor General of Kerman, Mr. Bahrami,

Respectfully, by presenting a photocopy of letter number 199 of 18 Tir 1358 [9 July 1979] from the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution of the Province of Kerman, enclosed with a photocopy of cheque number 929152, dated 17 Tir 1358 [8 July 1979], for the amount of 300,000 rials, [I wish to] convey to Your Honour that the Baha’i Community of Kerman, just like other Baha’i communities all over Iran, in order to fulfil the charitable intentions of Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini to build houses for the poor, in addition to their individual contributions at the government institutions and the private sector, had deposited the mentioned amount for the said purpose in current account number 100, and presented a photocopy of the bank receipt to the relevant authorities. Recently, however, the Housing Foundation returned the [uncashed cheque] to the Baha’i Community of Kerman.

We are astonished by such action, considering that individuals of this community in any city or village where they may reside, have the duty to participate in public charitable and philanthropic affairs and, through cultural, social and developmental affairs have eagerly strived to serve the sacred country of Iran. On the other hand, the individual members of the community who have participated for the above-mentioned purpose and donated some amount for this charitable affair, [will refrain from taking] back the contributions they have offered.

Kindly issue necessary guidance and relevant orders to the Housing Foundation.


On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Kerman

Dr. Jalal Vahdati



Zia Arefi