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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

The Office of the Governor General of Isfahan






To:  The respected Head of Political Affairs and Elections of the Office of the Governor General

From:  The Office of Communication and Public Relations

Subject:  Complaint concerning cutting of trees





Salutations and praise be to Mohammad and His descendants.  A detailed report by the Baha’i community of Isfahan and a copy thereof is hereby forwarded to the respected governor general for your perusal.  Please issue instructions for further investigation, guidance and necessary action, and advise this Office of the steps taken.


Akbar Fakhari

Director of the Office of Communication and Public Relations,




20/12/100 338

21/7/87 [12 October 2008]


Recipients of copy:

-           Mr. Arab, for your information

-           Baha’i community, for your information



[Address is provided]