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14 Shahrivar 1359 [5 September 1980]


The Honourable Mr. Abolhassan Banisadr, the Respected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Honourable Mr. Mahdavi Kani, the Head of the Ministry of the Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hojjatol-Islam, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, the Honourable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

The Supreme Judicial Council

Surely, your honour is aware that, on 17 Shahrivar 1359 [8 September 1980], seven innocent Baha’is of Yazd, including a ninety-year-old inhabitant of the Village of Manshad, are to be executed by firing squad by order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd on the false and baseless charges of espionage. This shall cause great sorrow, frustration and worry for thousands of Baha’i families all over the holy country of Iran. Unfortunately, their unprotected families and innocent children were threatened with utmost aggression and cruelty by irresponsible individuals who approached the homes of the bereaved families of these innocent people, indicating that their furniture, properties and livelihoods would be taken, as well.

Your honour will agree that such interactions with the bereaved families and young children of individuals who are sentenced to death—only because of their religious and spiritual beliefs—do not agree with the tenets of holy Islam and fundamental human and moral standards, and [that such actions] will smear the dignity of the government of the Islamic Republic in the sight of friends and foes. 

Any action taken to prevent this unwarranted tyranny will attract the gratitude of every member of the Baha’i community in the dear country of Iran. 


On behalf of the Community of the Baha’is of Iran

Mahmoudi [and] Kamran Samimi



[Address:] P. O. Box 305, Tehran