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14 Mehr 1359 [6 October 1980]


The Honourable Mr. Bani Sadr, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

We would like, respectfully, pursuant to our repeated appeals, to convey the following. In most parts of the country, as a result of the instigations of a few people who are unaware of God, Baha’is continue to be subjected to numerous atrocities, such as humiliation, insult, beatings, injuries, destruction, torture, burning of homes, destruction of agricultural products, the cutting down of trees, compulsion to recant [their Faith] and murder, and large numbers of people are imprisoned in various cities of Iran, dismissed from employment in the government and non-government organizations, banned from being employed and earning a living, prevented from carrying out their religious rites; even their graves are exhumed and they are prohibited from burying the dead. Baha’i properties are confiscated and Baha’i sacred places are impounded and confiscated and Baha’is are banned from trade and are [faced with] all kinds of slanderous allegations. Thousands of Baha’i families have become refugees from their homes, are wandering in the mountains and valleys and are moving from one city to another. The cries of small children and the elderly are reaching the heavens, and their hands are raised up in supplication to the threshold of God.

Mr. Prime Minister, is it not the time to avoid discrimination because of colour, race, ethnicity, and religion in order to preserve the unity and integrity of this sacred country? Is it not time to respect the human rights of others as much as our own rights? Is it not the time to prevent the violation of the human rights of Iranians and the atrocities committed with a firm decision, so that the evidence of the verse “Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.”[1] will become manifest?

Mr. Prime Minister, the eyes of the people of this community are expectant and watching for the esteemed authorities to pay attention to the honesty and pure motives of the Baha’is―their love for humankind, their unshakable belief in the sacred religion of Islam, their respect and praise for the sacred country of Iran from everywhere in the world, and avoidance of interfering in political affairs―and not pay attention to the baseless accusations spread by prejudiced elements, which endanger the lives, property and honour of the innocent people with their prejudice. 

The reason for writing this letter is that, during such critical and sensitive times, when all of the people of the country are worried about the unfortunate situation of the recent horrific war, all Baha’is of the world, on one hand, are anxious and fearful, lest there be any contempt for the status and dignity of this sacred country, which is the birthplace of the Founder of this Faith, and every inch of its soil has been stained by the blood of a martyr from amongst the many martyrs of this community, and on the other hand, are saddened and worried about the situation of more than seventy innocent Baha’i prisoners who have been kept in prisons [because of] false and baseless accusations in Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Hamadan, Birjand, Karaj, and Shahmirzad.

We beseech you to issue an order for the release of these Baha’is from prison. The prayers of Baha’is are with you as you endeavour to increasingly act according to Islamic justice and equity. 

On behalf of the Baha’i community of Iran

Mahmoudi [Signature]

Kamran Samimi [Signature]

Address: P.O. Box 305, Tehran



[1] [Quran, Sura 49 -Verse 13]