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Date: 17 Mordad 1358 [8 August 1979]


The Honourable Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Arak

His Honour the Public Prosecutor of the City of Arak

His Honour the Revolutionary Prosecutor of Arak

His Honour the General Governor of Arak


Subject: Taking Expeditious Actions to Prevent the Transgression of the Baha’i Holy Sites

By presenting a photocopy of letter (number 5462) dated 10 Mordad 1358 [1 August 1979] from the head of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Iran, we submit the following for your kind attention in order [for you] to take expeditious and effective action.

As you may agree, the sensitive condition of the beloved country of Iran during the current situation, preparing for the ratification of the Constitution, necessitates the prevention of the onset, occurrence and outbreak of any type of commotion and chaos, by any means and under any pretext, caused by the incitement of any person or group.      

Considering the principles of justice and equity, it is expected that [you will] maintain order and calm, protect and consider the rights of the individuals and institutions and prevent incidents of transgression like those that have occurred towards the Baha’i properties in the City of Arak during the last five months, which first led to the occupation of the Haziratu’l-Quds, and second, to the bulldozing to the ground, during the night, of the building where seven Baha’is were slain and buried sixty years ago, opening their graves and removing the bones of their bodies to an unknown area.

We submit our objection regarding such unlawful actions and thus request from that honourable authority his attention and grace, and in conformity with the reiterated orders of the honourable leader of the nation and the instructions of the prime minister of the country, regarding the prevention of any kind of incitement, revolt, negligence and destruction, which would only lead to disturbance, agitation, dishonour and violation of human dignity.

Kindly have serious and decisive action taken to return the mentioned properties to the Baha’i community of Arak and prosecute its perpetrators.


Your kind attention to this matter is highly appreciated.



On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Iran,


Dr. Hosein Naji

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami