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Saturday, 10 Khordad 1359 [31 May 1980]


For the esteemed attention of Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the supreme leader and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With deep respect and reverence, and with gratitude for your noble intentions in abiding by the justice as stated in the holy Word of God, and for your wish to implement it for all the citizens of this land, and with appreciation of your wise statements, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

The Baha’is of Iran are the only religious minority, which, other than its belief in the One Who is the invisible and unknowable Essence, and the great Prophets, also believes in the mission of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the validity of the Holy Imams, upon Them be thousands of greetings and praise, and ever since the beginning of the establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has expressed, in writing, its sincere obedience and has wholeheartedly, and in practice, carried it out. But despite these facts, certain individuals, as [members of] the Anti-Baha’i Society, are committing acts that run contrary to your noble intentions and are totally against the best interests of the nation. For example, most unfairly, they make various kinds of allegations and bring charges against the Baha’is, such as [having] Zionist connections; whereas, any fair-minded person knows very well how baseless and unfounded are these charges. Based on this allegation, they have confiscated the holy places and historical sites and even the cemeteries and institutions that belong to this community, and they have imprisoned a number of innocent Baha’is. Apparently, in these days, they are planning to launch a vast attack upon other wronged and defenceless Baha’is. It seems that the attacks that are happening these days in the mass media will be but the start of conflict and strife.

By means of this letter, we are appealing to you to kindly issue the necessary instructions for the prevention of these attacks, which are taking place upon a section of the population of this country that is living in the utmost trust, sincerity and resignation, and which has placed its reliance, firstly, upon the merciful God, and then upon the justice and fairness of the authorities.     

Respectfully submitted, 

On behalf of the Baha’is of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami

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Address: Tehran – Central Post Office – Box 305