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12 Ordibehesht 1358 [2 May 1979]

Esteemed Leader, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini

With great hope we appeal to Your Holiness for justice in the face of the atrocities being inflicted by the unjust, and we trust that with your special sense of justice, characteristic of your leadership, you will consider the plea of these lowly ones, restore our rights, and issue orders to investigate and eliminate these wrongdoings.

We had previously sent telegrams to your attention to say that there are a number of villages in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad where Baha’is live, and where a few thousand of us have been engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and that we have never been involved or participated in any of the tribal activities. After the victory of the revolution, a few of the influential people and village chiefs (who, in 1342 [1963], acted against the revolutionaries and were later in coalition with them) in order to cover up their actions and show themselves as devout believers, took up the fight against the Baha’is, and, with special tribal connections, incited armed individuals and provoked them to attack the said villages at night. During these incidents, and as a result of these attacks, a number of people were injured, and a significant number of cows and sheep were stolen. Crops were trampled over, and many homes were destroyed. Consequently, so far, several villages have been vacated and their residents have become homeless wanderers. These atrocities have intensified daily, to the point where we are under siege and threatened every night with armed killings and looting. Our repeated appeals to Ayatollah Malek-Hoseini and the Revolutionary Committee of Yasuj have not produced any results; his own prejudicial allegations in front of the tribal people who call the Baha’is ungodly and perverse apostates have even intensified the rage of the malicious people; perhaps the vilification of the village chiefs has not been without influence.

According to our spiritual duty and in obedience to the orders issued by Your Holiness prohibiting the Iranian community from any form of dissension and disunity, we have refrained from defending ourselves, which would ultimately result in bloodshed, violent confrontation and general chaos. Instead, we come to you for refuge and justice.

We beseech Your Holiness, who is aware of the spiritual and administrative affairs of the country, to favour this oppressed group of Baha’is—who worship the Peerless God and hold that which is sacred to Islam in highest esteem and regard—with your Islamic justice, and issue an order to stop these acts of injustice and ensure that they will not bring any more harm upon this hardworking, poor, and hapless people.

Representatives of the Baha’is of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad