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His Honour, Mr. Ahmad Sadr Haj-Seyyed-Javadi, the Honourable Minister of the Interior

Respectfully [I would convey that] as His Honour is well aware, the sacred country of Iran is the birthplace of two Divine Founders of the Baha’i Religion, and is honoured and consecrated by the Baha’is around the world. For over a century, the Baha’is, through their actions, have proven that they believe in the holy religion of Islam and confirm the divine mission of His Holiness the Last Prophet and the Holy Imams. They have always obeyed the laws of the country and have been sincerely at the service of the government and of the nation. They absolutely refrain from meddling with the political affairs, and by all means avoid involvement with the political affairs of the foreign governments, and are far aloof from anti-government politics and have never been affiliated with any foreign governments.

Unfortunately, in the past, we have been the target of many deprivations, troubles and suffering, our lives and possessions [illegible] have been exposed to all kinds of danger. We were hopeful that, now that the vanguard of freedom has brought the glad tidings of the blissful dawning sun, those accusations and inconveniencies would not be renewed evermore. Regrettably, it is observed that currently, in some journals and periodicals, many different accusations are being attributed to this community.

We plead with your honour, considering the sacred aim of the great leader and honourable potentate the Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, which is national unity and unity of vision, to issue orders so that we, like other inhabitants of Iran, will benefit from the rights of citizenry and, under the care of the authorities, take advantage of all humanitarian benefits and be prayerful for that respected government and be able to serve it.



On behalf of the Baha’i Community of [illegible]


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19 Farvardin 1958 [8 April 1979]