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City Telegram – The Prime Minister’s Palace

Honorable Prime Minister - Mr. Mihdi Bazargan


Copy:  Distinguished Minister of Justice - Mr. Ahmad Sadr Haj Siyyid Javadi

Copy:  Head of Mostazafan Foundation


Cordially, further to the previous communications with regard to the illegal violation of the Bahá’í Holy Places in Tehran, Shiraz and other cities convey that, recently an engineer by the name of Alavizadeh, who holds the title of the representative of the Mostazafan Foundation in Shiraz, after illegal confiscation of the moveable objects and the furniture of the House of the Bab, has placed pressure on the Bahá’ís of that land and is demanding that the Holy garments of His Holiness the Bab‑which does not have any association with the Mostazafan Foundation‑ to be handed over to him.

As violation of sanctities of the Bahá’í community have reached to the unbearable levels, we request you to issue the necessary orders that they stop the illegal violations of the rights of this community.



On behalf of The Bahá’í community of Iran


Dr. Hosein Naji                                   

Manouher Ghaem-Magahmi