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Distinguished Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani – May his blessings last forever

The honourable Head of the Iranian [Revolutionary] Committees


Respectfully, [we] convey that, as the capable and responsible authority who holds in his capable hands the protection of the people’s lives, belongings and honour, you have always, based on the conditions of time and place, vigilantly provided security in different situations for the country and its diverse people and minority groups.  Although, on various occasions and in all instances, you have been completely aware of your great responsibility, and have performed whatever was necessary for security, peace and order, according to our duty, “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers[1]”, it is necessary to mention that the Baha’i community of Iran has been receiving bits and pieces of information indicating that some troublemakers will attempt to take advantage of the events of the Nimeh Shaaban[2] and, God forbid, attack the lives and honour of the Baha’is and damage their properties.

Therefore, as it is always wiser to prevent than to remedy, we would like to appeal to you, informing you of the situation and requesting that you issue necessary memoranda, and order appropriate protective measures for safeguarding the interest of the country and protecting the lives and the honour of followers of this religious minority.

We express our profound and cordial appreciation for the actions you will take in this regard.


From the Baha’i community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji                       

Manouher Ghaem-Magahmi


[1] [Quran 51:55]

[2] [Birth of 12th Imam of Shia in Islamic Calendar]