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Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran

Judiciary of Babol


Date: 5/10/1362 [26 December 1983]

No: 5523


In the Name of God


Respected brother, Mayor and Head of the Municipality of Babolsar,


As recorded in file number K1693/62 of Babolsar, registered in this court under file number K30/62 the Baha’i cemetery in Babolsar, is presently held by the Mostazafan Foundation and according to order number 48, [dated] 14/9/1362 [5 December 1983] of this Court, which transferred the ownership of said property to the Mostazafan Foundation, the undertaking of burial without the permission of the [Mostazafan] Foundation is prohibited.  However, because on 5/10/1362 [26 December 1983], the representative of the Baha’is submitted a petition that  the issue of the burials of their dead be addressed, Messrs. Bahman Mousavi and Aasi Goddousi are hereby named to assess the situation and do what is necessary to resolve the issue of the burial of their dead, including, if possible, by arranging a meeting with the representative of the [Mostazafan] Foundation and the relevant authorities.  

Head of Branch One of Penal Court 2 of Babol – Firouz Jayian

[Signature over official stamp]

5/10/1362 [26 December 1983]