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In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran

The Mostazafan Foundation of Mazandaran


City of Amol


Date: [3]/8/1362 [25 October 1983]

Number: 402/4561

Enclosure: -----


Mr. Kasiri


Since the Golestan Javid[1] of the Baha’i community has been confiscated [as part of the] properties of the Omana Company, to the benefit of the Mostazafan Foundation, refrain from burying the [deceased] Baha’is and arrange for the relocation of the custodians [of the cemetery].  The Foundation plans to construct buildings on that prime land.


Your brother [Amuzadi]

[Signature over official stamp]

Acting Head of Foundation in Amol – Babol – Babolsar


Address: Amol, Noor Avenue, adjacent to Saidian Black Building, third floor


[1] [Baha’i Cemetery]