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In the Name of God

2 Azar 1393 [23 November 2014]


Dr. Moghtadaie, the Esteemed Governor of Khuzestan

Regarding the letter dated 14 Aban 1393 [5 November 2014], which was registered in the Office of the Provincial Governor under number 34311, you are respectfully informed that:

Further to the instructions of the Provincial Governor’s Office, since that date, unfortunately, our efforts and countless referrals to the authorities have had no results. None of those authorities could do anything, as they were unable or unwilling to take any action to expedite the process of removing the obstacles to allocating a piece of land to be used as a cemetery within the Ahvaz city limits. It must be mentioned that on 6 Aban 1393 [28 October 2014], one of our co-religionists, by the name of Shamel Bina, passed away at the Imam Khomeini Hospital. Since that date, due to the issue that you are well aware of, his body has been kept in trust at the hospital morgue.

From midnight up to the morning of 18 Esfand 1392 [9 March 2014], a group of people, supported by the esteemed Ahvaz municipality and without any legal writ, sealed off the entrance to the cemetery of this community and blocked its road with concrete blocks to prevent access or even visiting of the graves of these community members, which is the civil right of all people. Also, we have been contacted several times by the Imam Khomeini Hospital’s legal office and morgue and asked to remove the body (due to deterioration and decay), to be taken to the cemetery for burial.

Please issue an order for the necessary action to be taken in order to have a piece of land allocated immediately for the purpose of a cemetery within the greater Ahvaz municipality.


With thanks and gratitude,

Saied Sobhi




[Stamp: Receipt in the Governorate Office of Khuzestan - Number: 37195 - Reference code: 44/4 - Date: 3 Azar 1393 [24 November 2014]]

[Stamp: Image Was Registered]