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Islamic Republic of Iran

Mashhad City Council

In the Name of God

Date -----

Number -----

Enclosure -----


The Honourable Police Station of Khorasan

Greetings to the pure souls of the martyrs of Islam

In response to a request from Mr. Nosratollah Ahmadian was has indicated that Mrs. Zivar Ahmadian, who was affiliated with the perverse Baha’i sect, and died on 10/5/1365 [1 August 1986]:  In view of the fact that her burial in the Muslim cemetery is against Islamic law, please instruct the petitioner to bury her body in an isolated spot without any signs or markers.

Head of the Municipality of Mashhad

Mahmood Habibi


Copied to:

Mr. Nosratollah Ahmadian

2 - Central City Affairs for information

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