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Office: -----


Ministry of the Interior


Copy: The report of the Intelligence Service of the Police Department,

Number: 78, Dated: 9 Khordad 1317 [30 May 1938], Ministry/Office: The original was recorded under number: ------



Report—As per your order regarding several Baha’i preachers who are organizing gatherings for the near future and are inviting certain individuals to give speeches, we convey the following. We have fully investigated this matter. Thus far, because the police department has strictly prevented their public activities, no meeting has been held until today. Also, a few days ago, Ebrahim Azarmir, who is one of the major preachers of the Baha’is, went from Shiraz to Kashan and was hosted by Khorrami for a few nights. Before setting out, a few Baha’is went to visit him. The issue did not relate to giving speeches or teaching individuals. There is another preacher, Abdol-Hasan, son of Sheikhol-‘Araghein (called Fazel) who has been living in Kashan at the guest house of the Baha’is without any public activity. Because the guest house is always under the surveillance of the [security] agents, absolutely no one comes and goes, and there are, as yet, no public speaking events held there. Nonetheless, the necessary orders have been issued and the matter is being monitored.

The copy is identical to original should be filed. [Signature].

The copy is identical to the transcript sent from the police office.

The copy is identical to original. Bigdeli - 13 Tir 1317 [4 July 1938]