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Number: 388

Date: 7 October 1987


Primary Committee for the Investigation of Administrative Offences, Regional Health Organization, Province of Gilan

Allegations against:  Mr. Badiollah, surname: Foroughi, son of Mohammad Hasan

Date of Birth: 22 March 1927

Birth certificate number: [redacted], issued in [redacted]

Organizational position and employee number: [redacted]

Years of service: 27

Degree: Medical Doctor

Location of service: Retired physician, Gilan Health Clinic

Married. Resident of:  Rasht

Charge:  Adherence to the Baha'i sect

The above allegation was reviewed in a meeting of the Administrative Offences Committee of the Gilan Health Organization [held] on 6 October 1987.

Subsequent to the completion of its investigation and inquiries, and in light of the evidentiary file documents, statements, and testimonies of witnesses and experts; submission of defense by the accused; expert opinion; and the declaration of the judicial authorities, the Committee has confirmed the offence of the accused, and issues the following verdict:

The file records pertaining to the accused were reviewed. They consisted of 14 pages, all numbered and stamped by the Committee.  In letter number 3/A/5/15897, dated 13 July 1987, from the Regional Health Organization of Gilan Province, together with its enclosures (pp. 1-4); the enquiry from legal authorities who have jurisdiction over such matters and their response confirming the charges (pp. 5-7); and the statement of defense submitted by the accused (pp. 13-14); the charges against the accused are well proven and established.  This offence falls under Section 2 of Article 19 of the Administrative Offences Act, which, pursuant to Section 2 of Article 20 of said Act is punishable under paragraph (h) of Article 10 of the same Act, by permanent dismissal from service.  This decision may be appealed and will be reviewed by the Appeals Council, if received within one month at the Personnel Office of the Regional Health Organization of Gilan Province.


2-[signature over official stamp]