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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Shahid Mohsen Mohajer Esfahan Institute of Technology


Number: 9226/33

Date: 20 Shahrivar 1387 [10 September 2008]

Enclosure: Peace be upon Muhammad


In the Name of God

“Academic Dismissal”

Mr.: Badi Eshraghi Najafabadi

Son of: Shahram

Student No.: [redacted]

Degree/field/program: Extended technical training, night courses, Industrial Design

Address: -----

In accordance with the educational guidelines for training and proficiency programs, you are hereby notified of your academic dismissal from this institute as of 3 Shahrivar 1387 [24 August 2008], and your file is hereby considered closed.  

It is of vital importance that you submit all your student cards (i.e., student ID, food, residency, and library cards, etc.) in order to settle outstanding balances.


Notice 1: You must have sufficient funds with you to settle any outstanding balances, such as tuition fees or loans.

Notice 2: Any remaining balances will be legally pursued. 

Notice 3: Your readmission to an academic institution will be conditional upon fulfilment of undertakings and reacceptance based on certain criteria.

Notice 4: School documents and transcripts will be made available only after clearance from military service and settlement of all outstanding balances of free education [sic] (day courses)./Ṣ 6/16


Seyyed Hosein Madani

Head of Shahid Mohajer Isfahan Institute of Technology 


[Official Stamp]