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Islamic Republic of Iran, Justice Administration

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Date --13

In the Name of God

Court Order Number: 184

Date: 3/4/1370 [21 July 1991]

File number: 354/68/9


Administered by [illegible] - Branch 9 of Court of Administrative Justice [composed of the following people], Mr Nasrollah Sadral-Hafezi - director and Mr Ziaollah - [illegible] consultant petitioner; Mr Babollah Faraji Chaleh-Zamini, son of Badiollah, of address, Qaemshahr [contact details]


Defendant - State Organization for Forestry and Rangeland

Enquiry - Payment of retirement pension

Case Summary - Appellant complaint presented to the Court of Administrative Justice is requesting review of official Order number 16062, dated 7/9/1360 [28 November 1981] regarding the suspension of his pension benefits which he had been receiving for the past eight years; he is an incapacitated elderly man unable to carry out any form of employment. The second copy of the complaint, based on Order number 19290 -[date:]17/5/1360 [8 August 1981] issued by the Minister of Agriculture at that time is the response, which indicates that the plaintiff was dismissed from his job due to his membership in the Baha’i sect.

Branch 9 of the Administrative Court of Justice held a session on 4/4/70 [25 June 1991] in the presence of the Head of the Court and the Court’s [Consulting Attorney] and, after reviewing the case documents and hearing the opinion of the Court’s Consulting Attorney, issued its verdict and pronounced the case as closed. The Court announced its verdict as follows:


Court Decision

As membership in the perverse sect is considered outside of Islam, and in the general sense of the word results in dismissal from posts in the public sector, in light of the response submitted by the State Organization of Forestry and Rangelands, and the content of the plaintiff’s petition and his refusal to deny his membership in the perverse sect, his complaint is deemed invalid and is rejected. This verdict is final.


Head of the Ninth Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice

[stamp:] Certified Copy