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In the Name of God

From: 2TY 2R1

[illegible] G. R-Q

Number: 705/05/18

Date: [illegible]


Regarding: The promotion of Babak [illegible] Baeni, son of Reza, to the rank of Second Lieutenant – 2/6/1373 [24 August 1994] In accordance with the content of Order number 1419 and Directive number 88L74/11/28++701/01/19, the aforementioned promotion is deemed void, [as stipulated] in a Directive issued under number 1390, because of the individual’s adherence to the Baha’i sect. Please instruct [those responsible] that he is to serve like any other soldier, and inform the named individual that he must complete his army duty as a soldier and until the end of his service will strictly be prevented from being granted any [promotion in] rank.

FTY2 Colonel armour Sayyid[i] Ali Pirouzi

On behalf of Second Lieutenant Headquarters 2 [illegible]


[official stamp]

Recipients: Column 2 [illegible] - Hovayeh - investigation - Ain [illegible]

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[i] An honorific denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad