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Islamic Republic of Iran

Decision of the Personnel Office

Form: 32 Ayn (52/4) - Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran

  1. Ministry/Institute: [Department of] Education
  2. Employee Number: [redacted]
  3. Given name: Azizollah
  4. Last name: Mogharrabi
  5. Father’s name: Abbas-Ali
  6. Birth certificate number and place of issue: Birth certificate number: [redacted], Place of issue: [redacted]
  7. Place of birth: [redacted]
  8. Date of birth: Day: ____, Month: 4, Year: 1304 [June/July 1925]
  9. Highest level of education and field: Ninth grade, Field:____
  10. Title of permanent position: Teacher
  11. Guild: Education and Culture, Rank: Teacher, Level: 4
  12. Group: 5
  13. Base: 14
  14. Organizational unit: Text of the decision [below]
  15. Location of service: District: 3, City: Isfahan, Province/Governorate: Isfahan
  16. Basis:  Date: ____
  17. Type of Decision: Permanent dismissal from government services
  18. Details of the Decision:  In reference to decision number 1-900, [dated] 6 /10/1367 [27 December 1988], of the Ministry of Education’s Administrative Violations Review Board, and by virtue of this order, effective 18/10/1367 [8 January 1989], you will be permanently dismissed from employment in all governmental departments and related institutions.  Furthermore, the order number 20979 /15/, [dated] 9 /6/ 1367 [31 August 1988], which was issued based on the decision of the Provisional Council will be considered null and void effective 10/06/1367 [1 September 1988].




  1. Department of Education of Isfahan Province; enclosed with a photocopy of the decision

Reference to number 2090/15, [dated] 15/10/1367 [5 January 1989] for information

  1. Central Administration Office of the Ministry of Education – with a photocopy of the above ruling following number 21307, [dated] 12/06/1367 [3 September 1988].
  1. Salaries, benefits, and bonuses:
  2. Salaries, benefits, and bonuses indicated in this decision, for the total sum of (in letters)_____ rial are payable subsequent to legal reductions from credits:____, section:____, article:____
  3. Date of enforcement of the decision: 18/10/1367 [8 January 1989]
  4. Date of issuance and decision number: Date: 24 /10/1367 [14 January 1989], Number: 3/51319/15
  5. Given name and surname of Officer in Charge: Sabahi [signature]

Title of the permanent position at the Department: Head of the Department of Education, District 3, Isfahan.


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