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Ministry of the Interior


[Number: ----, date: circa 25 Ordibehesht 1341 [15 May 1962, copy of the letter of Ayatollah Mar’ashi Najafi]


In the Name of God

Respectfully, I would like to inform you [of the following]  I plead at the holy Threshold of God that the favours and confirmations of the Almighty will descend upon Your Highness, to disseminate the tenets of the divine religion and to consolidate the foundations of the true religious endeavours. I pray that you are always under the shadows of the Divine Mercy and thriving by the attentions of the Vali-e Asr [Guardian of the Age].

The reason for me to inconvenience you is that recently, a number of Baha’i male and female propagators have caused disturbances and uneasiness among the religious inhabitants of that place in the hamlet of Eskandari, from the Villages of Faridan of Isfahan. Certainly, in addition to our religious duty, it is required that we take action to prevent such sedition, because the month of Muharram is nigh, and according to the recent information, it is quite possible that some restlessness might occur. Therefore, please issue an order, by any means you deem fit, to prevent the elements of such evil and misleading actions. The Owner of the Religion Himself is your support and protector. God willing, you will be the recipient of special favours and kindness of the Commander of the Faithful and the Holy Imams. Peace and mercy be upon you.


Shahabod-Din Al-Hoseini Al-Mor’eshi Al-Najafi


True copy,                                                                            


29 Ordibehesht 1341 [19 May 1962]