[Newspaper:] Kayhan International

[Date:] 10 May 1984


Chief justice says no torture, no political prisoners in Iran


Tehran, May 9 (IRNA) Chief Justice Ayatollah Abdolkarim Musavi Ardebili Tuesday refuted allegations that Iran was practicing torture, adding that torture was prohibited by the Islamic Republic's constitution.

Answering questions from the foreign guests attending the Second Global Congress of Friday Prayers Leaders here, Atatollah Musavi Ardebili, queried “What would those who argue on the issue of torture do with terrorists and spies in their own countries?”

Flaborating on the issue, he asked how could the enemies of the revolution voluntarily attend and confess at a press conference their crimes. He said that leaders of the defunct Tudeh Party, who had undoubtedly been tortured in the deposed shah's prisons and did not confess, willingly and publicly admit their crimes now.

This, he added, proved that no torture was being practiced in the Islamic Republic since if it worked, it would have proven effective during the former regime.

Ayatollah Ardebili stressed that some of the released prisoners even return and say that they preferred to be given a job in prison.

On the judiciary's attitude towards Iraqi deportees and Afghan refugees, the chief justice stressed that all people were equal under the law, adding that if foreign nationals in Iran committed an offense they would be tried according to the country's laws, which he said were the same applied to Iranians.

Asked about the number of political prisoners, the Ayatollah said there was not a single political prisoner in Iran, since murderers and spies were considered criminals the world over.

Nurrudin Kianuri (secretary general of the defunct Tudeh Party) was not a political prisoner since he had confessed to committing acts of espionage and, nowhere in the world was espionage considered a political offense.







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