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Registration number: 9411

Date received: 2 Khordad 1388 [23 May 2009]

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In the Name of God

To Ayatollah Haj Shaykh Hussein-Ali Montazeri


Kindly let us know whether the land of a cemetery and its boundary that belongs to non-Muslim citizens of Iran who have security under the shadow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and who have owned the land for generations, could be sold by government or non-government organizations to legal entities or private individuals?

We offer our gratitude in advance for your reply.



[The answer given by Ayatollah Montazeri]:




In the Name of God


As long as non-Muslims are permanent subjects of the Islamic Republic according to the general religious understanding, their properties and lives are respected.  The properties in their possession are considered their own and no one has the right to confiscate them, unless the opposite is proven.  Thus, the part of the land that is now a cemetery or after replenishment is being used by individuals, belongs to them.  However, the surrounding lands, if they are abandoned, are considered the same as other abandoned lands and the Islamic government can give them to others to replenish them.

I wish you success,

[Stamp of Hussein-Ali Montazeri]

12 Khordad 1388 [2 June 2009]