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Office of the Esteemed Supreme Leader

In the Name of God


Number: 1-326630

Date: 21 Mordad 1396 [12 August 2017]

Enclosure: None


Mr. Molavi Abdolhamid, may your success be everlasting

Peace be upon you,

Your letter, addressed to the esteemed supreme leader, was received and he was informed. His Honour appreciates your interest in the sacred order of the Islamic Republic, and your protection, support and defence of the nation, and the elevated ideals of the Islamic Republic.

“All the organs of the Islamic Republic are bound to be based on religious principles and the Constitution. There should be no discrimination or inequality between Iranians of any ethnic or religious order. We equally believe that everyone should [stand] side by side, in serried lines and united, think about the honour and glory of Islamic Iran and endeavour towards that, not allowing the enemies of this nation or the satanic elements that are affiliated with others to create division and obstruction in this united line.”

We hope that all of us, as Iranians, by the inspirations of the Islamic principles, and adhering to the rules of the Constitution, will walk towards the exaltation of the country, safeguarding the national interests and strengthening the unity and consolidation, and play our part in fulfilling the religious and national duties.

Mohammad Taghi Golpayegani