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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Shohaday-e Iran

[Date:] 22 Khordad 1397 [12 June 2018]


A Pulpit for Anti-Zionism

Shohaday-e Iran: The late Kafi was one of those speakers and preachers who had already traversed the announced red lines of SAVAK. He quite explicitly would position himself against Jews and Zionism. Apprehension had enveloped his whole being. His obsession was sealing off the doors of the cabarets, casinos, liquor shops and cinemas.

His passions were to prevent people from buying frozen meat—because it is unlawful—; from buying Pepsi Cola, General Steel and ARJ heaters, since their maker was Sabet Pasal, the Baha’i (of Jewish background); from becoming addicted to anything; [and for] women to be restrained and use the hijab. [He also wanted] men to be zealous and not to shave their beards. [He said that] as soon as the youth reach the age of puberty, [they should] be married and get along with their married lives. [He wanted] people not to sin and to guard their eyes, not to steal, not to backbite, not to lie, not to collect interest on monies lent, not to engage in usury, not to bribe, not to gamble, to keep strong their kinship ties, to hear the cry of the poor, take their problems to the house of the Imam-e Zaman [Imam of Time] and find recourse in the holy Imams, to take part in the Imam Husain’s commemorative lamentations, to be men of prayer and fasting, to pay the tithes, not to take unlawful food to the table of their family. Such were most of his obsessions. That is why he was the enemy of the Baha’is, Wahhabis, ungodly Communists and the Jews. Kafi, in addition to propounding the reason for this difficulty in the world of Islam and today’s humanity, gave solutions to such problems.

Without having the possibility or instruments to confront Zionism, he advocated time and again, as a remedy, the prohibition of the use of goods, refraining from cooperating with Zionism and the Baha’is who, at present, souls in one body, are harming Islam and the Muslims. For example: “O people, this frozen meat is unlawful; do not eat it. The frozen chicken that it is said to have been imported from Germany is a lie; it has been imported from Israel and is unlawful. O Muslims do not eat them…O dear Mahdi, come to our rescue. We have reached the point where Christians, Baha’is and Jews are free to inflict upon the Muslims, whatever they want…”

…The guidelines of the imam (may God’s mercy be upon him) in this sensitive period, with a totally different figure and style, which nowadays is called “negative resistance”, has convinced and persuaded a number of people, and Kafi, with much love for His Holiness Mahdi (may God hasten His emergence] and the necessity of celebrating, particularly considering the flourishing of Baha’ism in Iran in the past, accepted such able guidance, and did not act like others, such as the Hojjatieh, who, both before and after the Revolution, notoriously failed the test.

Kafi, in answer to the Thursday morning summons issued by Colonel Azghandi, the head of the local police, and in response to his three suggested ways, such as…

The martyr-like ascension of Kafi at the age of 42, only few months before the Islamic Revolution, made the people determined to continue on his path, and also made the regime again to tremble, as it was a serious dent into the mental and cultural being of the regime, who sacrificed such scientific and religious choices for Zionist and Baha’i ambitions and…