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[Date:] 15 May 1955


Topic of the Day

Fighting Baha’ism

The participation of His Highness Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi, in the struggle against the political Baha’i sect has placed a heavy religious obligation on the shoulders of the government.

Two days before the “Days of Ehya” period[1], Mr. Falsafi, renowned religious speaker, presented the text of the letter from His Highness Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi to the people of Iran; later, the exact wording was published and disseminated in the media.

This letter was an affirmation of the statements by Mr. Falsafi regarding opposition to the political Baha’i sect, in which he had asked the government to take effective action in this regard and cut off the roots of moral decay.

The involvement of the leader of the Shia around the world in this matter has added greatly to the importance of struggling against the Baha’is and has placed it among the unequivocal and unavoidable responsibilities and duties of the government.

This is because, based on our beliefs, and according to the official religion of the country, namely the Jafari religion, believing in the 12 Imams, when the leader of Muslims issues a fatwa[2], it is the religious duty of every believer to act accordingly and consider that fatwa as an order from the imam.

However, given that His Highness Ayatollah Boroujerdi, may God continue his blessings, has asked the government to carry out this duty, naturally, the people have no obligation other than to agree with the government and to carry out the orders that the government issues in [order to] successfully achieve this end, and everyone must take responsibility for keeping order and calm with vision and vigilance, and not to allow corrupt agents to take advantage of the situation under the guise of struggle against Baha’is, and to cause disorder.

Incidentally, during these few days, some action has been taken by the government, and the National Consultative Assembly[3] has also announced its readiness to help and support the government in this very necessary and urgent struggle.

At this time, in most of the cities where the Baha’is have had a centre for their [Spiritual] Assembly, those centres have been occupied by police agents, including in the sacred City of Mashhad, where the hall for [the Spiritual] Assembly of the Baha’is has been occupied by the police forces with utmost order and calm.

The final decisions of the government in fighting the political Baha’i sect, which relegates itself to being a religion, are not yet clear.  However, it will definitely be clarified within the next two days.

At the National Consultative Assembly, a plan has been developed and signed by sixty representatives, on the basis of which the government must confiscate the financial assets of the Baha’is, expel them from government organizations and sensitive centres, and also prosecute the individuals who lose their way and join this sect, and if they are found guilty, sentence them to fifteen years in prison.

Obviously, the government’s plan will also be within the same parameters and efforts will be made to effect the uprooting of this source of moral decay.

One point that we must make here, and had previously written about and mentioned in an article, is that we must not be satisfied with severe actions, but we must also make effort, as much as possible, to lead the deceived followers of this political creed to the right path so that they understand the falsity of their beliefs.

Positive teaching and publications that include the history of the establishment of this political sect, and refuting their wrong, and even stupid, beliefs, are very effective in bringing awareness to the deceived individuals.  In addition, we must invite that group of the Baha’is who have joined the ranks of the “sheep of God”!! because of being naive, to meetings for debate and preaching and thereby clarify the truths for them. 

On the other hand, we must completely throw out of the Iranian community those individuals who are leaders of these treasonous organizations and are the main agents of moral decay in our society, and deprive them of all social and individual rights.

For the Muslim people who want to advance in the path of development and progress, it is shameful to see individuals among them who do not believe in any truths and, in contrast, have beliefs that promote moral decay.

Baha’is have abandoned all principles that protect the nobility and high station of humanity, and believe in anarchism and disturbing the peace.

We will discuss the beliefs of this sect, which have been founded solely to weaken the religious and national beliefs of the people of Iran, at length in the future, and will explain many of the unworthy, untrue thoughts that naive and stupid individuals have accepted as a religion, so that we may contribute our share to this opposition.

Our hope is that the government will recognize the participation of His Highness Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi, may God continue his blessings, in opposition to this sect, and promptly carry out its legal, and more importantly, religious duties according to the order given by the leader of the Shia around the world.  The people must also be vigilant and aware and not allow, God forbid, the public order and security to be compromised and the turbulent environment to create an opportunity for the Baha’is to remain immune to prosecution.



[1] [Refers to staying awake and worshiping God during the nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. In Islamic belief, the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad in one of these nights. It is also known as Laylat al-Qadr].

[2] [A legal opinion or decree about a religious matter]

[3] [Parliament]