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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Industries and Mining

Department of Industries and Miningin Kermanshahan



Date: --------



To: ---------

From: --------

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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To His Holiness, Ayatollah Haj Agha Atta Ashrafi-Isfahani, His blessings be continued

Greetings. We wish to inform you that as a supervisor, in the Department of Industries and Mining in Isfahan, I have encountered a few Baha’is as customers. As I do not have instructions about how to deal with them, I do not know whether or not I can behave towards them in a similar way to how I behave towards Muslims or do I treat them like other minorities? .Also, once when I shared my concerns with Haj Agha Zarandi, he instructed me to observe Islamic ethics. I will now await your Honour’s orders.

Wishing you good health and longevity.

Golbon [signature]

30-8-1360 [21 November 1981]


In the Name of God

Whenever it would be beneficial to Islam, it’s correct to behave in a similar manner, provided it’s not in their benefit.  Generally, there is a problem in having financial dealings with them and dealing with them is to be avoided.

The lowest: Attaollah Ashrafi Isfahani

2-9-1360 [23 November 1981]