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The great Mojahed [Fighter of the Holy War], His Holiness Ayatollah Allameh Nouri, announced:

From the scientific and Islamic point of view we regard the Israeli Embassy and “Haziratul-Quds” [Baha’i Centre] as one and the same.  The “Haziratul-Quds” is an extension of Jewish Kabbalah ideology, political Zionism, and imperialism at works against Islamic society. Neither Islam, the Islamic society, nor science recognize this debased [institution] [Haziratul-Quds] as a religious site, nor its ideology as a religion. Participation in the celebrations of the Birth of the Valie Asr [Lord of the Era], “Hojjat-Ibn-e Hasan,” or “Mahdi” [Imam-e Zaman] at this site, is a religious and a general duty towards eminence and practical expansion of the Islamic Revolution.


Joyous celebrations of the Birth of Hojjat-Ibn-e Hasan, Imam-e Zaman at the site of the former Haziratul-Quds.

In addition to participating in celebrations in their own local venues, all Islamic Associations - most learned scholars, grand preachers, and all enlightened and Mojahed [warrior] Muslims, both men and women, residing in the Greater Tehran Area, as well as members of the Islamic government, Islamic parties and assemblies, are invited, to consider attending this event as a unique religious duty.

His Holiness Ayatollah Allameh Nouri will be in attendance at this celebration and will be speaking about “Mahdaviyat” [the Twelfth Imam], the Perfect Eminence of the Islamic Revolution, and Jihad [holy war] against imperialism, Zionism and Kabbalism.

Time: Tuesday 15 of Shaban - [date] 19/04/1358 [10 July 1979] from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening.

Venue: Tehran - Hafez Avenue, across from the Polytechnic

Temporary Centre for Islamic Propaganda for various Islamic Associations