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The great warrior, Ayatollah Allameh Nouri stated:


From the scientific [theological] as well as the Islamic point of view, we regard the “Israeli Embassy” and the “Haziratu’l-Quds”[1] as one and the same thing. The headquarters of the Haziratu’l-Quds is an ideological and a rational extension of Jewish Cabbalism, as well as a political extension of Zionism and Imperialism against the Islamic Community.  Islam, the Islamic Community, and science do not recognize this centre as a “religious centre”, nor do they regard the ideology related to this centre as a “religion”.  Participation in the celebration of the birth of the Lord of the Age, Hojjat-ibn-al-Hasan “the Mahdi” in such a centre, which considers its entire existence built upon the termination of Islam and the Mahdi, is a universal religious duty towards the actual manifestation and expansion of the Islamic Revolution.


The Celebration of the Birth of Hojjat-ibn-al-Hasan, the Lord of the Age, in the Former Haziratu’l-Quds Compound.


From all Islamic Associations - distinguished high-ranking Scholars and Preachers, all vigilant and devout Muslims, men and women alike throughout Tehran, and members of the Islamic government, Islamic parties and groups, although [they may attend] celebrations held in other venues, are invited to also regard attendance at this particular festivity as an extraordinary religious duty.


The esteemed Ayatollah Allameh Nouri will be attending this gathering and will be speaking about “Mahdism, the perfect dawning place of the Islamic Revolution” and the jihad against Imperialism, Zionism, and Cabbalism.


Time: Tuesday 15 Sha’ban – 19 Tir 58 [10 July 1979] from 6 to 9 p.m.


Venue: Tehran, Hafez Ave., opposite the polytechnic

The Provisional Centre for Islamic Propagation for various Islamic groups


[1] [Bahá’í Centre]