Avad-Gol Fahandej

Born: 1923, Saadie, Shiraz

Murdered in Saadie, Shiraz on 14 December 1978


Avad-Gol Fahandej was married to a Muslim and had seven children, little is known of the details of her killing.  It has been recounted that on the night of 14 December 1978 attacks on the Baha’i homes in Saadie, her children went out to the street to watch the riots, she left to look for them and never returned.  Some have said that she found a woman wounded in the courtyard of her neighbour’s house, and while shouting ‘It is enough, stop,’ was herself shot and killed.  Her body was found the next morning at the hospital and buried in the Muslim cemetery by her family.  Her relative, Sefatollah Fahandej, was also assassinated that night in Saadi.


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