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In the Name of God



Mobilization of Agriculture Ministry

State Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Organization

Head Office of Natural Resources and Watershed of Province of Kurdistan

Office of Natural Resources and Watershed in Sanandaj


Number:  352

Enclosure: -----


Esteemed Branch 2 of the Execution of Penal Judgments of the Public and Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj

With greetings,

Respectfully, concerning letter number 891395-16 Bahman 1389 [5 February 2011], pertaining to dispossession of land occupied by Ezzatollah Gouniaie, son of Ahmad, in the village of Darbandeh (Gourkan holy grounds), it is hereby reported that, regrettably, despite a number of calls made by the officers at the said location, the accused was not found present.  According to the inquiries, the accused resides in Ṭehran.  Therefore, considering that the accused was not present to allow the execution of judgment, the report of the call for execution is hereby attached for further instructions.

Head of the Natural Resources Special Station in Sanandaj

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Office of Natural Resources and Watershed in Sanandaj

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