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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Bandar-e Shah to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 1245; Telegram Number: 35, Number of Words: 158, Date of Original: 11/7/ [1326] [4 October 1947] Date of Receipt: 12/7/ [1326] [5 October 1947]


Honourable Prime Minister

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: Ministry of Justice

Copy: Ministry of War

Copy: National Police Force Headquarters

Copy: Gendarmerie Headquarters


As a result of the plotting and incitement by trouble makers under the guise of sympathy for religion, [they have caused] separation, division, aversion, and hatred amongst the [citizens of the] Iranian nation. In Bandar-e Shah too, a number of businesses whose [owners] are the followers of the Baha’i Faith have been abused. As a result of incitement from the pulpit by one sole preacher in the month of Ramadan of this year, his actions almost led to a general disturbance. As the troublemakers always have a hidden agenda, again, on the ninth of the current month, some of the instigators, who are the employees of the Depo Factory of Bandar-e Shah, attacked and severely beat me, and also beat and injured three women. The indifference of the authorities in this region has emboldened the purveyors of sedition and every moment [there is a possibility that they will] reignite a fire of disturbance. Effective action by those responsible for upholding law and order would ensure the maintenance of peace.


Ali-Asghar Rashidi