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Ministry of the Interior, Governorate of Yazd,

Date: 12 Aban 1327 [3 November 1948]

Number: 26

Very confidential


His Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior

According to report number 179 – 10 Aban 1327 [1 November 1948] from the Yazd police force, on the night of 9 Aban 1327 [31 October 1948], the door of the Baha’i Centre of the Baha’is, was set on fire. It is obvious that, with Mr. Khalesizadeh’s everyday speech [sermons] on the pulpit, the Governorate Office has been expecting and will expect more tragic incidents to occur, especially now that the days of [the month of] Muharram are approaching and there will be assemblies and gatherings for [religious] mourning. There is a need to be prepared for any kind of riots and rebellions to happen. Since the Governorate is responsible in the matter, it is reported for action to be taken by the Centre [Head Office].


Governor of Yazd, Lesan-e Sepehr [signature]