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[Personal information has been redacted.]


14/9/1357 [5 December 1978]

The Director, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hamadan County

This is to notify you that I was threatened a few days ago while I was residing in the village of Sari Ghomeish. We fled to the house in Hamadan overnight with 22 of my family members. After our departure from the village, our residence, together with our furniture and 100 kharwar (3 tonnes) of wheat and barley and 200 kharvar (6 tonnes) of feed which I had for 300 cows and sheep, and three buildings, including their furnishings, were burned down. The farming machinery such as trucks, threshing and seeding machines, and water engine, were either burned or looted.  Worst of all was the exhumation and desecration of my grandfather’s remains, which caused immense heartache.  I do not know what to call these acts and behaviour and to which organization I should complain.

Furthermore, an unidentified individual called my residence last night [contact details] demanding 400,000.00 toumans within 48 hours or he would bomb my house, and my father's, and my brother’s [houses], all of which are adjacent to one other. I am seeking justice from the respected Prosecutor and request that this matter be investigated urgently and I, together with the 22 members of our family, will be indebted to you forever.

With regards

Zabiollah [illegible name]


Copy to the Governor General of Hamadan

Copy to [illegible] the Police Force of Hamadan

Copy to the Head of the Law Enforcement Office of Hamadan

From Hamadan Sari Ghomeish